Spreading some Christmas cheer – it’s all about balance

Posted on Dec 7, 2015
Spreading some Christmas cheer – it’s all about balance

Christmas adverts. Everyone has an opinion. We decided to show some seasonal cheer and celebrate 5 ads from around the globe that stand out from the crowd.

 We’ve picked these five examples because they all include a creative edge. They offset the seasonal emotions with something more real. They play with the negatives to get noticed. It’s very hard to make an impact or build an emotional connection using unrelenting, heart-warming, positivity (or in some ads we’ve seen unrelenting glitter).

 A veteran Saatchi creative once said the secret to an impactful ad was “A death. A joke. And a logo.” One of the ads takes that mantra quite literally. The others balance out the emotion with jeopardy, tongue-in-cheek humour or a nod to the white lies we tell at Christmas. Who does it best? Let us know what you think.

 We hope you enjoy watching and Merry Christmas from all of us at Beaconbrands!

 Currys PC World, Spare the Act, AMV BBDO, UK

Currys PC World

We kick off the selection with an ad for retailer Currys PC World. Jeff Goldblum is the perfect addition to this Christmas dinner. He steps in with some acting tips to help preserve Christmas cheer. This is one in a series of ads that manage to blend humour, awkward Christmas moments and integrate the products comfortably. And worked well to improve our impression of this high-street retailer.


Myer, Where Christmas Comes For Christmas, Clemenger BBDO, Australia.


In this ad, four Christmas characters sneak off to do some Christmas shopping at Myer. It has a great tone of voice and nice use of humour. Love the straight-talking Angel telling the neurotic elf that he’s “always been very brave in the fashion department.”

As Creative Director Stephen de Wolf said, “We wanted to bring a little bit of magic back to Christmas this year, but without being typically saccharine about it.” And we think they’ve succeeded.


The Spanish Lottery, “El Mayor Premio Es Compartirlo” / “The Greatest Prize Is Sharing”, Leo Burnett Iberia (Madrid), Spain.


The Spanish holiday season is kicked off with a much-anticipated ad for the Christmas lottery. And this year it is more beautifully animated short film than advert.

The hero, Justino, is an overnight security guard at a mannequin factory. Justino passes the time posing mannequins for the factory’s daytime staff to enjoy. And in the end, they repay his kindness.

This one is more of a tearjerker playing up Justino’s loneliness to build to the happy ending. It’s currently the third most shared ad (according to Unruly) after John Lewis and Sainsbury’s. Which leads us nicely on to…


Sainsbury’s, Mog’s Christmas Calamity, AMV BBDO, UK


This contender for the UK’s favourite seasonal ad is for supermarket Sainsbury’s and features Mog the cat. The unlucky hero of Judith Kerr’s books single-pawedly (..maybe not) compromises and saves Christmas all one go. The jeopardy created by Mog nearly burning down the family home allows room for the heart-warming scenes of neighbours rallying to rebuild Christmas without going too soppy.

With over 18 million views and the most shares per day of the Christmas ads it seems that while cats won the Internet years ago, now they’re winning Christmas!


EDEKA, #heimkommen, Jung von Matt, Germany


This ad starts with an elderly gent listening to a message from his daughter that she won’t be able to visit this Christmas. Time passes and we see more lonely Christmases. Cut to his children each receiving notice of his death, and they travel from across the world to converge in mourning at the cemetery. Only to discover…it was a joke. He isn’t dead and it was a ruse to get everyone under the same roof. To a sensitive Brit this ad overdoes the negatives. A horrible thing to do to your family or perfectly pitched to the target audience?