Integration Planning

Audiences don’t play by our rules anymore. They no longer consume creative and media in the way that we often still plan and evaluate them.

What’s needed is integration planning to prime brands for free movement through this seamless media landscape. And free movement is important; it helps brand ideas build greater momentum, increasing coverage, impact and ROI.

Integration planning is leadership thinking. Thinking that does not start from a country, discipline or media channel perspective. It leads to a multi-channel brand communications plan with practical actionable steps to align all countries, agencies, channels and disciplines.

Our team of experts have deep expertise across international advertising, relationship marketing, shopper marketing, user experience, content marketing, media and digital.

This isn’t about restructuring and change. This is about inspiration and leadership:

  • Optimise the use of assets you’ve already got.
  • Discover new assets that you should have.
  • Know what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and be able to justify it to anybody.
  • Give your markets the confidence to access digital and social space and know that they’ll be doing it for the right reasons.