If you have an innovation/renovation pipeline to fill, you need to be confident that all new ideas are on brand, on budget and on time. Our creative NPD services are designed to help you reach your goals as efficiently as possible – we adapt our techniques to your processes, your budget, your time frame and your needs.

To achieve winning results, we use a combination of homework, insight and creativity:

  • Homework includes competitive analysis, store checks and technology, legal/regulatory and market research audits.
  • Insights are reached by analysing brand benefits and asking the question: ‘why is that important?’ until it can no longer be answered.
  • Creativity is achieved by putting two or more things together to create something new and unique.

We do this continually until we reach simple, powerful ideas. Ideas that provoke the reaction: ”Why has nobody ever done that before?”

Some of our tools:

  • Ideation workshops – The workshops typically aim to generate 30+ draft new product ideas and participants usually include key members of the client technical, marketing and regulatory teams, the agency team including planners, creatives and illustrators and any external experts you would like to invite.
  • Product name generation and checking – we generate, check and improve product names using our UK copywriters or our network of copywriters across Europe for international projects.
  • Creation of packcepts and product visuals – we prepare fully designed and realistic (colour and 3D) pack and product visuals for quantitative research. These often become the final pack designs or part of the production brief for new products.
  • Written concepts for research – We prepare full written concepts with realistic product and pack visuals optimised for qualitative or quantitative research testing and incorporating ‘best practice’ we have learnt from previous research projects.
  • Qualitative recycling research – we arrange consumer workshops held over 2-3 days in any global location. The client and agency team attend the workshops (including an illustrator and a copywriter) with time between focus groups to allow us to remove the least effective concepts and re-draw/re-write and optimise the best concepts. This provides an excellent pre-test and pre-optimisation of ideas prior to quantitative research.

And the results? Almost all of our projects lead to a launch and we’ve developed 10 successful new products or ranges for Nestlé alone over the past two years.