Video is more persuasive than other types of content. The human brain cannot divorce emotion from the decision making process and nothing is better at conveying emotion than video.

From brand films to live action and user-generated content to capturing live events; our team can deliver the broadcast or digital content you need.

Our video team has won both BAFTA and EMMY awards. We pride ourselves on compelling narratives and world-class production techniques to make your videos work harder.

Types of video we specialise in:

  • Mood films and brand guidelines – explaining your brand to internal audiences in an engaging and inspiring way.
  • Talking heads and interviews – making everyone look good with our location, lighting and composition experience.
  • Live-action or live-action/animation mix – presenting your brand story and bringing it to life with originality and impact.
  • Foreign language films – translating and editing versions for global distribution.
  • Internal training films – bringing your corporate training messages to life with high quality motion graphics.
  • Product demonstrations – showing how your product works with creativity and accuracy.
  • Web video – brand content that gets attention and builds social currency.
  • Mobile – streaming compatible with mobiles and tablets to reach your audience anytime, anywhere.